Bone Building Help


  • The aging population (losing bone mass)
  • The adolescent population (bone strength is being developed)
  • Pregnant women (Calcium utilization increases)
  • Anyone on corticosteroids (this drug lowers bone density)
  • Menopause (lose bone mass due to hormone changes)
  • Genetic (family history of osteoporosis)
  • History of fractures
  • Anyone on a bone building drug
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  • Weight bearing exercise – strengthens the bone. The load on the bone makes it respond by building more dense bone.
  • Good Calcium (Ca+) supplement – many people look for the amount of Ca+ in a supplement. Please note the type of Ca+ and co-factors are important.
  • MICROCRYSTALLINE HYDROXYAPATITE – This is a whole bone product, therefore it has all the components needed to build healthy bone and is readily absorbable.
  • The right Ca+ (calcium) supplement means you are absorbing it. Calcium is the most difficult mineral to absorb. The maximum the body can absorb at any one time is about 500 mg. Co factors such as Boron, Vitamin K and Vitamin D are important in helping utilize your Ca+. Please choose your supplements wisely – look for a whole bone supplement with co factors needed for the absorption. For example, antacids do not use a very absorbable form of Ca+ and they decrease the stomach pH thereby lowering absorption of many other nutrients in your diet.
  • Alkaline Diet – (less sugar, red meat and alcohol, more vegetables, water and fruit). This ensures you won’t excrete Ca+ as your body tries to regulate your pH.
    * To determine your base-line pH we have alkaline/acid strips. These will give you an indication of your ability to retain the Ca+ you are talking.
    (Available for purchase at the front desk).