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A message from Dr. Hasick

I am pleased to send the first electronic newsletter for the Britannia Clinic . This September we celebrated 25 years of health care service offering programs of hope and healing to our community. Reflecting back over the past 25 years, it is very moving for me to remember the people we have been able to help with their health struggles. It has been a great honor to be able to offer the NUCCA chiropractic procedure to so many patients across Western Canada.

It is hard for me to believe that 25 years has elapsed since opening the doors to the clinic in this original location. Since that time, the clinic has grown in size, physically, as well as in the number of practitioners who work with us. We have an experienced group of practitioners with very deep dedication to helping ease the pain and distress of our daily living. We are committed to supporting your wellness and continue working to enhance your potential. I am very grateful for your continued confidence in our services. Thank You!

The College of Chiropractors of Alberta (CCOA) is currently conducting an online patient survey and I encourage you to take time to go to the website and complete the questions. At you will find the chiropractic survey and a pull-down menu with Dr. Hasick's name. Please click on my name and take a few minutes to answer the questions. When you submit the data it will go anonymously into the pool for all chiropractors and I will also receive a special report on our clinic and the service we provide. I look forward to your feedback to ensure that we continue to offer a high quality of professional health care service.

As the holiday season approaches, I wish you health, happiness and prosperity as we move into 2006. If we can be of any assistance to help, please contact us at the clinic at (403) 243-0155 / toll free: 1-866-342-4476

Again, I thank you for your continued confidence and support in the service that we provide. I trust the next 25 years will continue to be as meaningful and fulfilling as this past quarter of a century has proven to be.


D. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C.

Clinic Update

As always, there are a number of changes and modifications that we make to serve the needs of our patients and ensure the efficiency of the clinic. Recently, Joanna Hughes left us to go on Maternity Leave. She and John welcomed their new daughter Josee on October 23, 2005. Joanna will be off for a while and to take her place, Jodi Dragonetti has joined us. Jodi is working very hard to learn her new role and to get to know you. We are grateful for your patience as we all get settled in to this new change.

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Sloane Hunter as she recently passed "Part 2" of the NUCCA certification process. This is a voluntary learning process that tests and examines the skills and competency of NUCCA practitioners. She is working on the next part now and once Dr. Hunter completes the third and final part of the certification process, she will be eligible to teach the NUCCA work. This process demonstrates Dr. Hunter's deep commitment to ensuring the highest quality of care is maintained here at the Britannia Clinic .

Dr. Hasick completed his "Part 3" certification with Dr. Ralph Gregory (the founder of NUCCA) in 1989 and is one of three fully certified NUCCA practitioners in Canada with only twenty-three in the world.

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (N.U.C.C.A) care has been the cornerstone of the Britannia Clinic  since 1980. NUCCA care specializes in a subtle adjustment or correction to the upper neck region. This procedure is very effective in restoring body balance to reduce structural and neurological stress. This helps improve spinal motion and general health.

In addition to NUCCA care, the Britannia Clinic offers another form of chiropractic care. Dr. Janet Major offers full spine chiropractic care to address localized spinal joint motion problems. She achieves this by utilizing a combination of adjusting, activator and muscle testing techniques. She has a holistic practice that focuses on both spinal function with an emphasis on nutritional support.

Dr. Major also utilizes the Total Body Modification (T.B.M.) techniques/protocol. This is a comprehensive, structural, nutritional, electrical balance technique that helps restore body balance on all levels.

For additional information on these techniques and procedures, please visit our web site or call the clinic to schedule a consultation.

Phone: (403) 243-0155 or
Toll Free: 1-866-342-4476

What's New

We have seen the addition of a few new practitioners to the clinic this year. We welcome Dr. Lisa Meng our acupuncturist who opened the Britannia Acupuncture and Herb Clinic in May 2005. She provides experienced acupuncture care Monday-Saturday in Suite 202. For additional information on Dr. Meng and her services, please see our website.

We also welcome Lynda Simone, massage therapist and craniosacral therapist and Junko Cockerill a relaxation massage therapist to the Britannia Bodyworks Centre. For additional information please click here.

This year the Britannia Bodyworks Centre relocated to a new and beautifully renovated office down the hall and is now in Suite 211. The contact information remains the same.

Holidays 2005

The holiday season can be stressful for some of us. You might want to book an appointment to make sure that both your head is on straight and you are relaxed and healthy with a massage or acupuncture. Please contact the clinic at (403) 243-0155 to book an appointment.

Please note, Gift Certificates are available for our clinic services.

Online Survey

ONLINE Survey now through to November 21, 2005 Please click here to complete the confidential online survey. The survey can also be complete through the mail. You can pick up a copy at The Britannia Clinic . This survey is confidential and secure. Please read the Privacy Policy here. Thank you for taking the survey!

Holiday Schedules

View our holiday schedules to see when our offices will be open.Click here for the clinic schedule and here for the Bodyworks schedule.

Reflections of Hope

A Daily Practice

These six perfections are presented from the teachings of His Holiness Amchok Rinpoche who is an enlightened Buddhist Master. We are made up of so many thoughts and desires. These influence our lives and what we do with these thoughts and desires decides who we will be.


C-1 Film Update

A very important part of health care is self care! Some of our Wellness Education comes through C-1 Film Productions Corp. We have some new programs for you. For more information on these Programs of Hope and Healing, Visit C-1 Films.

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