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Issue # 2
Welcome to the Second edition

A message from Dr. Hasick

Welcome to the Second Edition of the Britannia Clinic newsletter. With every edition, we hope to bring you further insight into the workings of our clinic, so that you will feel greater confidence and connection to the practitioners who serve you and your health. Perhaps this information will trigger a question or deeper reflection on the relationship between your lifestyle, your body and how different kinds of healing work may benefit you. Our team meets often in order to share our common knowledge and offer an integrated service to you, our client. If you have a question, please ask any one of us. Our team will endeavor to find the answer.

We thank those of you who participated in the College of Chiropractors of Alberta Patient Survey. We found the results fascinating and hope you will too.

Once again we offer our Reflections of Hope section for your contemplation.

May spring bring you a renewed sense of health and well-being.


Dr. Gordon Hasick
Clinic Director

What's New at Britannia Bodyworks

Britannia Bodyworks is pleased to welcome Steve Ernst as the newest addition to our team. Steve compliments the clinic by offering the latest Hot Stone Therapy. For more information on Steve, his fees or for latest fee schedule and clinic hours of each practitioner, please visit our website under About Us and Fees.

Kerry Hilderman is also pleased to announce that he has studied and is now offering, Active Release Therapy. For information on Active Release Therapy, or any of the treatments offered at the clinic, please visit our website under FAQ & Therapies.

For those of you who are young at heart, Junko Cockerill specializes in massage for the elderly, as well as relaxation therapy for all needs. She utilizes a pampering approach that requires no special conditions to treat. Come and enjoy a relaxing environment to pamper your sense! To view Junko's Profile or to book an appointment, click on About Us, or call 243-6610.


Dr. Lisa Meng has started a new acupuncture procedure called facial rejuvenation. A 15-minute free consultation about the program and eligibility is available.

For further information please call our office at 208-6488 or visit our website at: c-1.com

College of Chiropractors of Alberta 2005 Patient Survey Results

In our last newsletter we invited you to participate in a patient survey conducted by the College of Chiropractors of Alberta. We very much appreciate the time you took to respond. The results were most helpful to us and affirmed many aspects of our practice. Particularly interesting were the responses to three questions, which we felt were reflective of both our clients and our service.

Mode of Survey Administration

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised, since many of you were invited to participate in the survey through an email newsletter; however, 95% of those who responded to the survey on behalf of the Britannia Clinic did so on-line. Only 68% of respondents from other chiropractic offices did the same. More than 32% of all the participants sent in their surveys by mail. We always felt our patients were ahead of the technological curve, but now we have proof!

Tenure with Chiropractor

Did you know that more than 50% of those who filled out the survey have been with the Britannia Clinic for more than five years? This number far surpasses any other clinic in the survey. In fact, only 31.4% of all respondents have been with their chiropractor this long. We are committed to sustaining your confidence and we appreciate you've made an extraordinary choice in sticking with us. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience with us even better.

Visit Frequency

While we weren't surprised to learn that the majority of survey participants make frequent visits to their chiropractors (between 11 and 20 times per year or more), we were really pleased with the results of this question. The commitment and nature of our practice is to correct your problem and help you maintain your balance for as long as possible with the least amount of intervention. This means our visit frequency numbers should be lower and the survey responses indicate that we are on track. While 40% of respondents come to the clinic between 5 and 10 times a year, 24% come in less than five times a year, which is a dramatic difference from other clinics. Only 7% of respondents see their chiropractor this seldom. As much as we love to see you, when you don't need to see us, it means we're both doing a good job. You, in looking after yourself and us in attending to your problem.

Reflections of Hope:

What is Healing and Who is the Healer?
Before we can realistically address the healing of [people], we must first examine what healing means and where in our time healing agencies may be found.

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Summer Holiday Schedule

The summer vacation time is upon us and at the Britannia Clinic we have structured our vacation schedules to ensure that someone is here to assist you with your health care needs. Please feel free to contact us at anytime over the summer holidays.

We wish you a safe and healthy summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

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