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September 2007

A message from Dr. Hasick

September is a month of celebration for me at the Britannia Clinic. It was 27 years ago I opened the clinic doors in this same location. Over the past 27 years, I have worked to understand how each of us can positively influence our own unique healing process to maintain a high level of wellness.

I have come to appreciate that healing and health maintenance is a complex and multifaceted process. For this reason we have continued to build a team of experienced practitioners to support recovery and create optimal wellness.

I have also enjoyed the opportunity to teach and offer educational programs for public and professional venues. Since 1989 I have been a Board Certified NUCCA Instructor teaching the NUCCA technique. This has been very  meaningful work and four years ago I joined the Banff Centre in the area of Leadership Development. This new area of work has offered me a deeper understanding of leadership.

Building Personal Leadership is the title of the weeklong program I help facilitate. I can now appreciate that leadership starts with how we lead our own lives. There is a direct link between leadership and our own health. Personal Leadership includes the ongoing practice of health prevention and maintenance.

To help further my leadership development work, I will be leaving on September 13th to attend the 2007 Waldzell meeting in Austria. I have attached this link for some additional information on this program. Upon my return, I will be offering a public lecture on the findings of this meeting.  H.H. The Dali Lama will provide some of the input at Waldzell this year.

As well, I would like to remind you that Dr. Hunter continues to offer a complimentary class for you, your family and friends. This class is designed to help you better understand our unique healing process and how to build resiliency during stressful times.

If you have any additional questions or if you or anyone you know would be interested in attending this class to learn more about staying well, please contact the staff.

D. Gordon Hasick D.C. F.P.A.C.
Britannia Clinic (Director)
Board Certified NUCCA Instructor (1989)

Dr. Hunter Continues to offer an

Evening Wellness Class

Do you feel you don't understand your body and how it heals?

Do you want to understand more about the NUCCA procedure and how it can improve your overall health?

Do you have difficulty explaining this process to family and  friends, but  would like to recommend it to them?

Since July, this regular monthly event has provided the answers to these questions and more.

     Next  Upcoming event @ The Britannia Clinic

September 12, 2007
7:00- 8:00 PM

Dr. Hunter will be providing information on your health, how it can be lost, how it can be regained along with an easy understanding on the NUCCA process and its benefits to staying healthy in a stressful world.

It is complimentary and will be provided monthly
(2nd Wednesday) for you, your family and friends who would like to receive more information about this health care process.

Our space is limited, so you must register with the front desk for this special presentation.

To your health,
Sloane Hunter, BPE, DC
NUCCA Chiropractor