Welcome to the Britannia Clinic

We are currently accepting regular appointments and new patients.

In order to meet our commitment to patient safety, we are continuing to stagger appointments to help ensure physical distancing is maintained in our clinic. We therefore have fewer available openings each day. Please plan to book in advance and give us ample notice if you need to change your appointment.

The office has implemented some changes to meet the guidelines set by The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors and Alberta Health.  Here is what to expect on your appointment and what we ask of you to help us keep the office safe and healthy:  


Remember, if you have been in contact with anyone that has symptoms or you yourself are feeling unwell prior to your appointment, please call to reschedule.

We hope that everyone is keeping healthy and well during these challenging times.

Our commitment to supporting your health continues and we are developing ways to further this ongoing support and offer care through different methods.  Self-care and lifestyle management are even more important considerations as we all learn to adapt to the requirements of this unusual time.

In addition to regular in-person care, we are now able to provide Telehealth consultations via phone or video (i.e. Zoom Meetings).

We have added a series of helpful short videos on our YouTube Channel (Resilient for Life) to support you in this unique and sometimes stressful series of world changes.  It seems that most everyone is invited to create a new lifestyle for personal health and meaningful living at this time.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                      Dr. Gordon Hasick                                                                                                         

Dr. Gordon Hasick
Board Certified NUCCA Chiropractor

Offering Programs of Hope and Healing Since 1980
Sustainable Health Care for Life!

We live in a different world today that is far more demanding on our bodies and our nervous system. Our multidisciplinary clinic is dedicated to helping you regain and maintain your health and well-being amidst these stressors. We offer a variety of simple and sustainable health care solutions for a wide variety of health challenges. These scientifically proven natural healing techniques and programs are safe, effective and well established. They emphasize patient participation to reduce practitioner dependence.

What it Means to Be Board Certified

Dr. Hasick became board-certified in  the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association procedure in 1989 with the guidance and mentoring of Dr. Ralph R. Gregory. NUCCA Board Certification is not only the most difficult accreditation to obtain but is also the highest, most prestigious honor available to give any practicing NUCCA Doctor.

Five Reasons Our Office is Unique

Choosing the right NUCCA doctor for you and your family is important. You want only the best care for you and your family. At the office of Dr. Gordon Hasick, we go the extra mile to try and provide the best service for you and your family.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about five things that make our office unique.

#1. We Have Nearly 40 Years of Experience

#2. Our Office Uses Safe and Effective Image Guided Care that is Minimally Invasive

#3. We Work with a Great Team of Seasoned Interdisciplinary Professionals and Refer to Them When Needed

#4. We Teach You Ways to Care for Yourself to Reduce Practitioner Dependency

#5. We Offer Personalized Care that is Sensitive to your Unique Needs

“Wellness is more than a concept. It is a way of life, an integrated enjoyable approach to living that emphasizes the importance of achieving harmony in all parts of the person; mind, body and spirit. It is a lifestyle that creates the greatest potential for personal well being. More than an absence of illness, it is a balance among all of the aspects of the person.” – Wellness Conference, Toronto, 1986